Tips to Maintain the Vehicle in Summer

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August 15, 2016
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September 1, 2016
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Tips to Maintain the Vehicle in Summer



Make sure to inspect the vehicle regularly. The battery should be inspected visually for corrosion or any other buildup of debris regularly. The surface of the battery should be clean and free from any dirt buildup. The connection points and posts should also be free of corrosion or rust. This can decrease the power it is able to supply your vehicle.


Driving frequently can be tough on the brake system of the vehicle. The brakes will begin to wear down, and may become less efficient. You may notice that it may take longer to slow down and stop when you apply the brake pedal. This could be from the brake pads being worn down. Make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible, so we can examine the brake system. Noticing any noises or feeling vibrations in the brake pedal could be a signal something is wearing with the brake system.


Contaminants can often get caught in the air filter of the vehicle. This is typical in the summer and fall months. The filter should be checked regularly and replaced as needed. If you notice debris built up in the filter, it may be a good time to change it. The air filter helps to prevent the debris contaminants from getting into your vehicle when you drive.


The tires should be checked regularly to ensure the proper amount of air pressure is in it. Make sure the tires are inflated to the recommended level according to the vehicle owner’s manual. Properly inflated tires can be beneficial for fuel mileage and safety. If you notice a tire is getting low often, bring it in so we can inspect the tire for you.

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