Tips to Know when you drive in the Winter

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February 20, 2017
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March 7, 2017
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Tips to Know when you drive in the Winter


Sometimes the winter weather can be unpredictable. When traveling, you should always be prepared for any weather that may be on its way. If you encounter poor weather or poor roads, the first thing to do is decrease your speed. Also make sure to give yourself plenty of room. This is important incase you have to stop suddenly. This can help to prevent hitting the vehicle in front of you. Also make sure that the headlights are turned on. This can help your visibility, as well as having others see you. If it is precipitating, also have the windshield wipers on. Also, if you notice the roads are ice or snow covered, do not try to pass anyone.


When you check the tires on your vehicle, the air pressure should be the first thing you check. Having tires that are properly inflated can help improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The recommended air pressure can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual or inside the driver’s door. Air pressure that is too low can cause the tires to become hard to handle or turn. Under inflated tires can also wear unevenly. This can result in the tires needing to be replaced sooner than needed. Tires that are over inflated can cause alignment and balance issues. This is because the contact with the road will be less. We can also inspect the tires to make sure they are in the best condition possible. If there are cracks, bulges, or blisters, we can help to ensure the best set of tires for your vehicle.

You will also want to have to best visibility possible when you drive. The windshield should be cleaned off of any ice or snow. This can help to have a clear view of the road when you drive. If there are any cracks or chips in the windshield, it should be repaired as soon as possible. Even small divots can cause a distraction while driving. The chips or divots could line up with an obstruction in the road that could lead to impaired vision and judgment. The windshield wipers should also be inspected so they can effectively clean the windshield. If the wipers have tears or rips on them, make sure to have them replaced as soon as possible. This can eliminate streaks or smearing on the windshield. By inspecting the windshield and wipers, you can improve the visibility for your vehicle.


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