The Light Bulbs of the Vehicle

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April 22, 2016
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May 6, 2016
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The Light Bulbs of the Vehicle








The lights on your vehicle are important because they allow you the best visibility possible when you drive. They also increase the safety because it will allow others to see you on the road. Since you are the one driving, you might not know when your bulbs need replacing. This is especially true for the taillights. You can find out by pulling the vehicle into a dimly lit area or garage, turn on your lights and see if you can see both headlights light up. It is just as important to check your high beams as well. If neither of them turns on or if you cannot tell a difference between the high and low beams then this is an indicator that your bulbs might be burnt out or almost there.


Knowing what bulb you need for your vehicle is important. The size and type of bulb your car takes is dependent on the specifics of your car. The year of your car was made is important to the bulb size as well as the model of car. If you are unsure of either of these, then check your owner’s manual for the appropriate year and model. LED (light emitting diodes) lighting is more advanced that HID lighting. This type of bulb is extremely bright and long lasting. If you are not sure what type of bulb you need, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can recommend one for you.


You may notice when it is time to replace the lights on your vehicle. Over time your headlights can begin to look foggy from dirt and grime that has built up. This can also make it more difficult to see as your headlights are dimmed. Making sure that the lights on your car are working properly is essential. Regularly performing a light inspection on your vehicle will help you to catch any problems there might be with your lights. With proper lights, you can increase your visibility and safety on the road.

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