Spring is Here, so make sure to Inspect the Air Conditioner

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April 1, 2015
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April 16, 2015
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Spring is Here, so make sure to Inspect the Air Conditioner

While the temperatures start to get warmer out, you probably will quit using the heater in your vehicle. Eventually, the air conditioner will need to be used in your vehicle. Most drivers have become fully dependent on air conditioning for their vehicles. What was once a luxury option, and only adopted by those who could afford it, has now become standard equipment in a majority of cars sold today. This is especially true in areas and regions where temperatures can rise quite high in the summer. Humidity is another added factor when opting for an air conditioning unit.


Regular Maintenance Inspections are Important

It is recommended that the vehicle be brought in for a regular inspections based on the manufacturer’s schedule. If you are not sure how often that should be, make sure to contact us. During inspections, we can also check the air conditioning unit for you as well. By having the air conditioner checked when recommended, you can help ensure it will be efficient and effective when it comes time to turn it on. At the start of the season is the ideal time to have the air conditioner inspected by our trained technicians. We can troubleshoot any problems that can or will occur. This will help ensure a cool and pleasant ride.

If there is an Issue, bring the Vehicle in

No matter where you take your vehicle for the inspection, we will go over a number of areas. We will check the temperature level of the cold air being discharged through the car’s vents. We will also check if the thermostats are functioning as they should. If defective, they will be replaced. Checking the anti freeze level in the car’s cooling system and bring it up to the correct level if it is low will be done. If the existing anti freeze appears to be full of rust and contaminants, it may be time to flush the radiator and refill it wit new product.

Freon Levels should be Checked

The Freon levels of your vehicle could be lower than needed to provide proper cooling. Freon is a gas that occasionally leaks out of the sealed system. As those levels become diminished, the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit is compromised, sometimes completely. If that in fact has happened, Freon must be added to insure the proper operation of the cooling system. The compressor is then checked for leaks and cleared for service. The last steps needed to complete the maintenance include checking the condition and tension of the fan belts. Signs of wear indicate the belts can easily break in the course of normal use. If they are loose, they may slip and interfere with the proper function of the fan. The hoses that circulate the anti freeze through the system will also be checked for minute leaks or wear that can cause them to break and release the coolant. We can tighten them and have your vehicle ready for another season of cold, refreshing air. We will check over all fittings and look for leaks.


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