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March 20, 2015
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Spring Cleaning for Your Vehicle


As the temperature outside begins to rise, many components on your vehicle can change, making routine maintenance especially important. Your tires are one of the most important features on your vehicle and so they require close attention. The tires are the only part that will have direct contact with the surface of the road. If the tires are starting to wear down, it can cause the vehicle to have poor fuel mileage and efficiency. This is because the vehicle will have to use more fuel and power to have the vehicle run properly.


Get the Tires Ready for Spring

Often the tires are one of the most overlooked parts of a vehicle, but one of the most important. An under-inflated or over-inflated, worn down tire can be extremely dangerous, particularly in warm weather. As temperatures rise, tire pressure changes with the rising temperatures. All models run differently when it comes to the appropriate amount of tire pressure. Consult your owner’s manual to see what your tire pressure would be and check it with a hand pressure gauge to ensure the correct amount. Next, check for any bulging in the sidewalls of the tire. If any bulging is overlooked, heat and pressure can eventually allow for the tire to blow. Having an over-inflated tire makes for less contact with the road and can lead to hydroplaning in wet conditions. You should also check the tread on your tires. If your tread is worn, you should take your vehicle to one of our technicians. Have the tires replaced as well as adjusted for proper alignment and balance.

Make sure the Tires are Right for the Season

When it comes time to replace the tires, it is important you choose the right ones for your vehicle and the type of driving you do. If you do more highway driving, high performance tires should be your focus. High performance tires use a softer rubber compound for increased traction, keeping you on the road when you are cornering at high speeds. If you live on gravel roads you may want to consider sport tires, because they allow for a more comfortable ride and provide you with better traction on uneven ground. Choosing the correct tires for your vehicle is imperative in that it accounts for the main part of your vehicle’s performance, efficiency and safety.

Increase the Life of the Tires on your Vehicle

Purchasing tires can become costly, which is why you should take caution year round to get more mileage out of them. You can start by making sure your tire pressure is consistent with what your owner’s manual says is right for your vehicle. When maintaining proper air pressure in your tires your car will run more smoothly and handle better, making for a safe ride. Do not forget to check your tires regularly for cuts, cracks and holes. By taking these precautions, not only will your vehicle handle better, but also it will improve your gas mileage and not pose a danger each time you get behind the wheel.

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