Remember to Check the Windshield Washer Fluid

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January 20, 2017
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Remember to Check the Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield wiper fluid is a liquid that is used with the wiper blades to clean the windshield of your vehicle. This green mixture is housed under the hood of the vehicle and is pumped through a small hose that is attached to your wiper blades or at the base of the windshield on the hood. By pushing the button that is typically located on the lever that controls the wiper blades, the fluid is activated and provides you with a spot free windshield. By topping off the windshield wiper fluid, you can help improve the visibility when you drive.


The windshield wiper fluid is alcohol-based to prevent it from freezing in the cold winter months. Generally windshield wiper fluid contains about thirty to fifty percent methanol with very little detergent. Since windshield wiper fluid contains poisonous ingredients that can be harmful, it is important that it is stored out of the reach of children and pets. Some fluids contain a de-icer, which helps get the frost and ice off your windshield in colder weather. While windshield wiper fluid is not necessary in the operation of your vehicle, it is recommended, as it can save you from a dangerous situation if your vision through your windshield becomes impaired.


When you check the windshield washer fluid, also remember to check the windshield wipers. When you check the wipers, make sure that the blades are in the best condition. This includes any signs of tears or rips that might be on the rubber of the blade. If the windshield wipers are vibrating or skipping when they operate, it may be time to purchase new ones. If you are unsure how often the windshield wipers will have to be replaced, make sure to bring the vehicle in. We can then inspect the windshield wipers for you. We can also check the condition they are in at any time. If the wipers need to be replaced, it can also be done when you bring the vehicle in.


Windshield wiper fluid cannot go bad, but it is good to check it regularly to make sure it is filled and is not dirty or leaking. If your wipers are not fully wiping the area clean and are leaving smears, it might be more than just a problem with your windshield wiper fluid. It may signify that your windshield wipers or inserts need to be replaced. If your blades look corroded or if they are falling apart then it is probably time to consider purchasing a new set. By performing routine checkups on your vehicles wipers and fluid you catch problems more quickly and make your driving time on the road much safer. If you notice an issue with your vehicle, make sure to bring it in as soon as possible so we can inspect it for you.

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