Know how the Braking System works

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July 14, 2014
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July 28, 2014
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Know how the Braking System works

When driving, you will want the vehicle to be as safe as possible. To help achieve this, make sure to bring your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenances. We can inspect the vehicle to help ensure it is operating at top performance levels. Part of the inspection also includes looking at the brake system. This is important because the brakes help to slow down your vehicle and allow it to stop when you need to. The braking system of the vehicle is made up of several components that assists the vehicle in slowing down and stopping. When you step on the brake pedal, your master cylinder starts working. The master cylinder contains the brake fluid, which travels to the wheel’s braking unit where it is forced into a caliper. Calipers consist of two components that press against a piston. Attached to each wheel is a rotor. The rotor is pinched when the brake is applied, thus slowing the vehicle down. Your brake pad is there to support the friction that comes in contact with your rotor. It converts the motion of the rotor into heat energy through friction. The friction slows down the rotor. If you ever notice anything out of the norm, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.

What an Anti-Lock brake system means

brake-repair-1An anti-lock braking system, also known as ABS, is designed in modern vehicles to assist in quicker stops.  Anti-lock brakes can also help prevent the vehicle from skidding uncontrollably when the brake is applied quickly from a high speed. With regular brakes you usually have to pump the brake off and on when coming to a stop to retain greater control of the vehicle. However, ABS brakes pump the brake for you at a rapid speed when the brake is deployed. Many have probably seen the ABS light on the dashboard from one time or another. If this light appears, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible. This can improve your safety because the brake system will be inspected.

Know what a Hydraulic brake system is

Hydraulic braking systems are powerful and are needed in all types of vehicles. This type of braking system involves a master cylinder, hydraulic fluid, and hydraulic lines. The hydraulic system is also made up of individual brake lines that radiate out of the brakes from the master cylinder. These brake lines are made out of high-quality steel that are resistant to corrosion and built to withstand high pressure.

Make sure the Brake Fluid is topped off

Brake fluid is used inside the brakes of the vehicle. The fluid helps to decrease the amount of pressure on the actual brake mechanisms, which reduces wear and tear on the gears. The brake fluid works by lubricating the hydraulic brake gears and reducing the amount of pressure exerted on the actual hardware. It is important to ensure that you have the proper amount of brake fluid at all times. Without brake fluid, the brakes can wear out quickly. Make sure and check the fluid levels regularly to ensure a safe and reliable ride.

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