The Importance of Checking the Vehicle on a Regular Basis

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August 19, 2014
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August 20, 2014
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The Importance of Checking the Vehicle on a Regular Basis

Owning a vehicle is one of the most important investments that you will make. This is why it is important to perform a routine inspection on a regular basis. You can bring the vehicle in, and we can inspect it. Between visits, make sure you do an inspection yourself to ensure the vehicle is operating how it should be. By doing so you are able to identify and repair problems before they become worse. This can help the vehicle last longer and perform at its best. Some of the issues can be seen visually, which is why you should take a glimpse around the interior and exterior of your vehicle and note anything that looks out of the ordinary. You should begin by looking at the windshield for any chips or cracks, as well as making sure your interior mirrors are positioned in a spot that you are able to see in front and rear of your vehicle properly. Be sure to check your tire tread for any bumps, holes, cracks or unevenness, which can lead to a flat tire. Your windshield wipers should similarly be checked for any wear and improper functioning. In addition, check to make sure your seatbelts are working and clicking into place properly.


Inspect the Brakes and Steering

Another part of your safety inspection that should be done is inspecting the brakes. If your brake pedal is pressed all the way to the floorboard to stop, this typically indicates that they might need replacing. Listen for any grinding or shaking when trying to stop. Any odd noises when you apply the brakes could indicate that there is an issue with the brake system. The steering wheel is important too. Make sure your steering wheel has a smooth turning motion.

Be Aware of the Warning Lights

While starting your vehicle look for any lights on the dashboard that may indicate things such as low fuel, coolant, or oil. Most vehicles will have an indicator light telling you when something under the hood needs to be attended to. Besides the warning lights, also make sure the lights on the vehicle are working properly. Take a look at your headlights low and high beams for any broken bulbs as well as your taillights and signals. Not having your vehicle’s lights working properly can cause other drivers to not see you, especially in hazardous weather conditions such as fog. By doing an inspection of your lights you are saving yourself and others from a probable accident factor.

Other Parts that should be Inspected

By checking under the hood and on the ground under your vehicle, you are able to check for small problems that could lead to a great deal of damage for your vehicle. The under part of your vehicle can also be checked for any leaks. See if all belts and spark plugs are free of crakes and wear. Make sure that all filters are in proper place. Most importantly, check all fluids to make sure they are at their proper levels. Being too low of fluids can cause serious problems for your vehicle like overheating. We can inspect your vehicle so it is a safe and reliable ride.

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