Car Care Tips

June 23, 2014

Checking the Tread Wear on the Tires

The tires are important for your vehicle because they are the only piece that will have a direct contact with the surface of the road. Without the tires, you will not be able to reach your destination. There are some important things that you will need to check on the tires. This can help them last as long as possible, as well as improve the efficiency of the vehicle. If the tires are in poor condition, it may end up costing you more in the long run. One of the first things you should check is the air pressure. This is important because it helps to ensure the tires are inflated properly so they can rotate. If the tires are under inflated, it can lead to poor fuel efficiency. It can also increase the chance for the tire to blow out. If the tire is over inflated it increase the possibility of picking up sharp objects or debris that might be on the road. It can also cause an uncomfortable ride because less of the surface of the tire will have contact with the road when you are driving. This can also result in a bumpier ride when traveling. Another important thing to check is the tread of the tires. If you are unsure of the condition of the tires, make sure to bring the vehicle in. We can inspect it for you so that you can help to have the best efficiency possible when you drive. It can also help to provide a pleasant driving experience for you and your passengers. Why the Tread is Important for the Tires The tread is an important part for the tires. It helps to grip the surface of the road when you drive. If the roads are wet or slick, the tread can help prevent the tires from sliding or hydroplaning. Having the proper tread can help improve the stability and handling of the vehicle. If you notice the vehicle is becoming more difficult to control, there may be an issue with the tires. It is always best to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it as soon as possible. This can help prevent further issues from forming. By having the tires inspected, it can help improve the life of them as well. How to check the Tread When inspecting the tires, make sure to check the tread of them as well. This can be quick and easy, all you need is a penny. Place the penny upside down so Lincoln’s head is toward the surface of the tire. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, there is not enough tread. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tire thoroughly for any issues. Good Tread can improve the Efficiency of the vehicle The tread can help benefit the vehicle in several ways. If the tires have the correct amount of tread, they will travel, as they should. Poor tread will increase the fuel and power that is used for the vehicle. This is because they need the extra power to allow the tires to operate correctly. If you notice poor fuel efficiency, bring it in and we can inspect the tires for you.
June 19, 2014

The Brake System should be Inspected

A way to help keep the vehicle operating at top performance levels is to make sure it is maintained properly. One part that will need to be inspected regularly is the brake system. This system is important because it allows the vehicle to slow down or stop when you need it to. Proper brakes can also decrease the chance of an accident, like a collision or rear-ending another vehicle. If anytime between visits you notice something out of the norm, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. This can help to ensure that the vehicle is safe and reliable for when you need to drive it. This can also make for a pleasant driving experience for you and your passengers. The Brakes Need Maintenance The brake system can benefit on your vehicle with a regular maintenance check just like having regular oil changes helps the engine. They can even be done at the same time. Getting the brakes checked every 3,000 miles might be a little much, unless you have a commute where you are heavy on the brakes and stuck in traffic often. Then it might be a good idea to check on the wear and tear of all the parts and make sure they still look good and will keep you safe, even while sitting in a traffic jam. Having the brakes maintained can also help the parts to last as long as they should. What Gets checked with a Brake inspection Having the brakes checked works best when the tires are completely off and the mechanic can actually see, touch and measure the brake pads. It is possible to estimate the brake pads with the tires on, but a more accurate estimate of their life is when the tires are off. Checking the brakes can happen each time the tires get rotated, when you get new tires put on or if there is going to be a tire alignment. If you notice an issue, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you. Inspect the Brake Pads and Brake Rotors The technician will check the brake pads and how much thickness is left on each one. In theory, the pads should all be worn evenly, but in reality, this might not always happen. Therefore, all 4 brake pads should be checked. If one is lower than the others, then they should all be changed at the same time. Besides the brake pads, we will inspect the rotors and the calipers that work the braking system. Even though the brake pads see the most amount of work and get used up, the other parts sometimes need frequent checking too. When the brake pads are replaced, sometimes the rotors will also need replacing. If the brake pads got too low, then it could cause wearing on the other parts behind it. When those parts get bent, they need to be replaced so that they will hold the brake pads correctly and be positioned over the wheels to stop the vehicle correctly every time you step on the brake pedal.
May 19, 2014

Inspect the Windshield of your vehicle on a regular basis

The windshield is an important part to inspect on your vehicle. This is because a clean windshield can help to improve the visibility when you drive. If the windshield becomes cracked or has a divot in it, make sure to bring it in as soon as you can. We can inspect the windshield for you and advise you on if a new one should be installed. If the windshield has had damage done to it, this can impair the visibility as you drive. The damage might be in your line of sight. This can become a hazard if there is something on the road you need to avoid. If a crack or divot is in the windshield, it increases the chance that you will not see the hazard on the road. A clean windshield can help keep for a safe and reliable ride. The Windshield should be clean and clear When driving, make sure the windshield is cleared off completely. This can help to improve the overall visibility when you drive. If there is any build up of dirt, debris, or road grime, clear it off. If the windshield is not cleaned, it can impair the overall visibility. Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to wash the windshield and other windows every time the vehicle is filled up with fuel. If the windows are not washed, bug grime and other particles will start to collect on the windshield. If you notice any damage to the windshield or other windows, make sure to bring the vehicle in. We can inspect the windows for you and help to advise you on the best option to keep them in the best condition possible. Check the Windshield Wiper Blades Along with inspecting the windshield, it is also critical to check the windshield wiper blades as well. When the wipers are in the best condition they should be in, it can help to clean and clear away dirt and debris on the windshield. If the wipers have becoming worn, it is recommended to have them replaced. The wipers should be replaced at least once a year. This helps to keep the windshield in a clean and clear condition when you drive. If you notice any smearing or smudge marks that appear when you use the windshield wipers, it is an indication it is time for new windshield wipers. Another sign they need to be replaced is if there is chattering or vibrations coming from them as they operate. It is best to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it. We can also inspect the arm of the wipers to ensure it is at the correct placement. Check the level of the Washer Fluid Always make sure that the windshield washer fluid is topped off. This is important to check before any long road trip you might take. It can help to ensure you have enough to properly clean the windows if they become dirty. It is also advised to keep extra washer fluid in your vehicle incase it runs low when you are driving.
May 15, 2014

Tips to help keep the Vehicle running Efficiently

To help improve the longevity of your vehicle, make sure to inspect it regularly. This can help to prevent any issues or problems that might have come up. Having an issue fixed when you first notice it can help save time and money in the long run. Regular maintenance can help parts of the vehicle last as long as they should, as well as being efficient. The belts, hoses, tires, and fluids should always be checked. If you are unsure how often the vehicle should be brought in for a maintenance inspection, we can help to advise you on a schedule. This can help keep the vehicle running efficiently as well as being reliable. Inspect the Tires on a regular basis The tires are an important part of your vehicle. They should be inspected thoroughly to make sure they are in the best condition possible. The air pressure should be checked so the tires are inflated to the proper level. The correct amount can be found in the owner’s manual for the vehicle. It can also be found on a sticker inside the door of the driver’s side. The tread should also be checked on the tires. If you notice the tires are wearing unevenly, make sure to bring the vehicle in. We can inspect them for you. If the tires are not wearing, as it should, an alignment or rotation might be recommended. This can help to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, as well as the life of the tires. Top off the Fluids in your Vehicle Making sure the fluids are topped off can help improve the efficiency of the vehicle. Make sure to follow the recommended schedule for changing the oil in the vehicle. This can help to keep moving parts of the vehicle and engine properly lubricated. Without the oil, parts will start to wear and cause stress with one another. This can put more strain on them that could require them to wear out sooner than they need to. It is also important that you are changing the fluids at the recommended intervals. If you are unsure how often this should be, we can help to recommend a schedule. The Air Filter should not be ignored Having the air filter changed is also a great maintenance tip. Dirty air filters can affect how quickly the vehicle accelerates. By changing the filter at the recommended interval, you can help to improve the performance of your vehicle. Make sure to check the recommendation from the manufacture for how often the air filter should be changed. Also make sure to change it if it is dirty and clogged. This can help to improve the efficiency of your vehicle. The Belts and Hoses should also be checked The belts and hoses should also be inspected for your vehicle. If these break, it could cause systems in the vehicle to fail. This could include the air conditioner compressor, alternator, power steering, or water pump. If a hose is cracked, it could cause leaking to occur for the coolant. This could cause the engine to overheat.