September 30, 2014

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September 25, 2014

The Importance of Having the Tires Aligned

Keeping the tires in the best condition possible for your vehicle is important. The tires are the only part that has contact between your vehicle and the surface of the road. To help keep the tires lasting as long as possible, make sure you have regular maintenance done when it is recommended. Besides inspecting the tires for what condition they are in, also make sure that they are aligned, rotated, and balanced based on the appropriate schedule. Having the tires properly aligned and balanced means the tire will have a longer road life and be safer for you to drive on. Improperly aligned tires can cause undo wear and tear on the tire, the rim, the brakes and even the suspension system on the vehicle. Notice any Wear and Tear on the Tires When the tires on your vehicle are not aligned properly, it means they are off-balance in one direction or another. This can lead to faster wear on the tires when you drive on them. Tires tilted to the inside will wear out on the inside first even though the outside of the tire looks good. One tire can be tilted more than another tire, causing uneven wear. Good alignment is necessary in order to keep the tires all in the same condition. If you are unsure of the alignment with your tires, make sure to bring the vehicle in. We will be able to inspect and notify you if there is an issue with the tires. Noticing an issue at the start can help prevent further damage to the tires or other parts of the vehicle when you drive. Having tires in good condition can also help improve the safety and reliability when you drive. Tire Rotations may be needed Another way to help keep the tires in good shape with even wear is to have them rotated every few thousand miles. Tires from the front can be moved to the back and the back ones can be moved up front. Tires can also be moved side to side so you can have ones that wear on the inside then wear on the outside. Tire rotation is just another way to keep the wear on the tires balanced so they have a longer life. Rotating the tires can also help make sure they are wearing as evenly as possible. if you notice that the tread is wearing unevenly, make sure to schedule an appointment to bring the vehicle in. Having the Tires Replaced When tires start to show signs of losing their tread or even becoming bald, have them replaced sooner rather than later. Tires that are low on tread will have less grip on the road. Vehicles with less grip are then are prone to accidents. Many accidents are caused from a combination of items such as wet road conditions, speed of the vehicle, and the conditions of the tires. Having the tires inspected is the best way to increase the safety of the vehicle when you travel.
September 22, 2014

The Importance of Inspecting the Tires on Your Vehicle

When owning a vehicle, you will want to make sure parts are maintained as well as possible. This can make for a safe and reliable vehicle when you drive to your destination. The best way to have this done is to bring the vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenances. If you notice any issues with the vehicle between inspections, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. Noticing and fixing an issue with the vehicle can help prevent further damage in the future. Vehicle ownership requires a great deal of dedication, patience, and responsibility. Vehicles are complex machines with a variety of working components. Unless these components are working in congruence with one another, serious problems can occur with the vehicle. These problems can either lead to expensive repairs or dangerous accidents and issues that can occur on the road. By maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis, you can avoid some of these issues from occurring. Good Tires are Important Thick rubber tires that protect you from the road cover the wheels of the vehicle. Tires are made from rubber to provide added traction during tough weather conditions and to prevent bumps and hiccups in the road from causing too much jostling in the cab of the vehicle and under the hood. However, because tires are made from rubber they will not last as long as some of the other components of your vehicle. You may be required to change your tires every two to three years. It is important to regularly maintain the tires on the vehicle because a thin or damaged tire can burst during driving. A tire that is blown during driving can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident. Make sure to Check the Tread on the Tires One of the most important aspects of tire maintenance is checking the tread on the tires. The tread of your tire is the lines of thick rubber on the surface of the tire. During rainy or snowy conditions, the tread allows moisture to be pushed out of the way so that the tire can come into contact with the road. This helps to improve traction. Tires with worn out tread can be very dangerous, and drivers with old tires can easily lose control of their vehicles. A great way to test the tread of your vehicle is to place a penny between the tread marks on your tires. Place the penny in the tread so that President Lincoln’s head is facing down. If the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head is visible when the penny is placed between the tread, it is time for new tires. Balancing and Rotational Services It is also a good idea to get your tires balanced and rotated on a regular basis.  Balancing ensures that your vehicle’s weight is evenly distributed over all four tires. Rotating your tires will help to ensure that the tread is worn away evenly on all of your tires. If you are not sure if the tires need to be rotated, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you.
September 18, 2014

Tips to Keep the Vehicle Running Smoothly

The vehicle you purchase can be one of the largest investments you make in your life. It is important to keep the investment maintained and in the best condition possible. This can help it to last for as many years as it was designed to do. One of the best things to do is to bring the vehicle in to have it inspected by a professional. We can look for any signs of damage or wear that the parts might have. It is best to notice and fix an issue at the first sign of it, rather than wait until more damage might be done to the vehicle. This also allows time for a part to be ordered and replaced, rather than if it was urgent and the part broke completely. Make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for your safety. Checking the Fluid Levels Every vehicle requires several different fluids that serve to make the internal components operate smoothly and efficiently. Without this fluid, engine components and transmission components would stick and cause dangerous friction to build up. Other fluids such as wiper fluid help drivers to clean their windshields while driving to improve visibility and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Fluid replacement and fluid checks are easy to perform and do not cost very much money. This type of maintenance procedure can go a long way in extending the life of your vehicle. It can also help improve the efficiency as well. Inspect the Brakes and Tires Maintaining the tires and brakes of your vehicle is another very important maintenance task. Tire pressure must be regularly checked to prevent the occurrence of a dangerous blowout while driving. Checking and balancing tire pressure will also reduce the wear and tear that occurs on your vehicle’s wheels and axles. The brakes of your automobile should also be checked regularly and brake fluid levels should be monitored. Don’t Forget about Regular Maintenances When you invest in regular auto maintenance and auto service, you can lengthen the life of your vehicle and avoid the occurrence of pricey malfunctions that will cost exorbitant amounts of money to fix. Most vehicle maintenance services are relatively inexpensive because they do not take that long to complete. It is extremely wise to invest in regular maintenance rather than waiting for your car to break down and paying for auto repairs. If you are unsure of what the proper maintenance schedule should be, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can recommend the schedule for you. This can help provide a safe and reliable vehicle when you need to drive it. You can also check things between visits to help increase the efficiency of the vehicle. This includes checking the air pressure in the tires. If the tires are over inflated or under inflated, it can cause the vehicle to work harder and use more fuel to have them operate correctly. Properly inflated tires can also improve the comfort level when you drive.