April 28, 2014

5 Tips to make sure the Vehicle is ready to drive

Spring is a great time of the year to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. This is because it is after the harsh elements of winter weather. It is also before the summer travel destinations you might have planned. By having an inspection done on the vehicle, you can help to prevent any inconvenient breakdowns or other safety hazards that might occur. Regular maintenance is important because it can help make sure that your vehicle will be ready to drive on the road. It can also help to make sure that the problems are fixed before any road trip. Inspecting the vehicle can also make your trip a more pleasant one. If you are unsure how often your vehicle should be brought in, make sure to contact us. We can help to set up a recommended schedule so your vehicle is running at its peak performance. The Tires should be Inspected One of the most important things to inspect on the vehicle are the tires. This is because the tires are the only part of the vehicle that will make direct contact to the surface of the road. If the tires are in poor condition it can make for an unpleasant ride. The air pressure in the tires should be inspected. This is important because if the tire is under inflated, it can lead to poor fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Over inflated tires will have less contact to the surface of the road. This can result in rides that are bumpy or uncomfortable. The tires should also be inspected for how the tread is wearing. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tires. It might be recommended to have the tires rotated or aligned properly. Without good tread on the tires, they will not be able to grip the road like they should. This could result in poor handling and control of the vehicle. Inspect the Brakes as well The brakes should also be inspected for the vehicle. This can help prevent a serious accident from occurring. This will also help to ensure that you have brakes when you will need to stop or slow down. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the brake system for you. The brake pads and brake rotors can also be checked to make sure they are in a good working condition. It is also important to make sure they are wearing properly and are still effective. The Fluids should be Topped off Checking the fluids can help keep the vehicle operating at peak performance. The oil should also be inspected. When it is recommended, the oil should be changed. This can help to keep the best quality oil in the vehicle. It can also lubricate the engine efficiently. Do not forget to check the Hoses and Belts on the vehicle The hoses and belts should also be checked. Make sure they are free from any cracks or fraying that might have occurred. If they are worn excessively, it may be time for a replacement. These are important to help the electrical system and power steering to run properly. The Gas Cap is important too It may not seem like it, but the gas cap is important to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. If the cap is loose or damaged, fuel could evaporate into the air. If the cap is missing, it could cause gas to spill out or evaporate into the air.
April 21, 2014

Ways to Save Money on Fuel

Since fuel is necessary in order to allow the vehicle to operate, it is beneficial to know how to save money when you can. By changing a few driving habits, you can help to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. If you drive over the posted speed, have jackrabbit starts, and slam on the brakes, you could be causing the vehicle to have poor fuel efficiency. It can also lead to wear and damage to parts of the vehicle, like the brake system. If you notice anything out of the norm with the vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment. We can inspect the vehicle and parts that might be causing the issue. This can help provide a safe and reliable ride when you travel. It can even help to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Keep the Vehicle Maintained regularly One of the most important things to do for your vehicle is to bring it in for regular vehicle maintenance. By having parts that are in the best working condition it can help to ensure it is operating at peak performance. If parts start to wear down, it could lead to damage for other parts of the vehicle as well. This could reduce the fuel efficiency as much as three percent. Also make sure to keep the vehicle clean, inside and out. By removing one hundred pounds of unneeded items from the vehicle, the fuel efficiency can increase by as much as two percent. Also make sure to check the gas cap after filling up. A missing or loose gas cap can allow fuel to vaporize into the air. This can also lead to poor fuel mileage. If the gas cap looks damaged, invest in a new one. Over time, it can allow fuel to be vaporized into the air as well. Try not to have fast starts or slam on the brakes Another way to help improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle is to adjust some driving habits you might have. Instead of having fast starts, try to slowly ease out of a stop that you are in. Accelerating fast can consume and burn more fuel than it should. By accelerating slowly, the vehicle will be able to use as little of fuel as possible. Having a jackrabbit acceleration can also cause wear on the tires. This will lead to them needing to be replaced before they typically should be. Anticipate the traffic ahead on the road It is not only important to be aware of the vehicle in front of you, but also further down the road as well. By doing this, you can help to anticipate more dangerous situations that might arise. It can also help you to reduce the speed you are driving at, without having to slam on the brakes. By slamming the brakes, it can cause wear and damage to them with time. It can also increase the amount of fuel that you burn. Instead of slamming on the brakes at a stoplight or sign, try to anticipate when you might need to stop. This can help improve the efficiency and longevity of the parts for the vehicle.
April 14, 2014

Benefits of Driving at the Posted Speed

As spring approaches, make sure to still drive with caution and safety. While you may have the urge to drive faster because the roads are free of snow and ice, it is important to remember to drive at the speed limit that is posted. This can help with the safety of you, your passengers, and those around you. Driving faster than recommended can result in an accident or an issue with the vehicle itself. If you take corners at a higher speed, it can result in faster wear of the tires, as well as other parts of the vehicle. At higher speeds, you will also need to apply the brakes harder if you need to stop quickly. This will add unnecessary wear and damage to the brake line with time. There are also several other reasons why driving at the correct speed limit is important. Improves the Fuel Efficiency of the Vehicle There are several benefits for driving at the recommended speed that is posted. One of the most important things is the fuel efficiency that can be saved when driving properly. This can also help to save money at the pumps each time you fill up. If you notice that the fuel mileage is becoming worse, it may be caused by the way you drive. By changing a few driving habits, you can help to improve the fuel efficiency as you drive. It can also help the overall condition of the vehicle. This can increase the chance of it lasting longer as well as being a more reliable vehicle for when you need it. Helps to keep the Tires lasting as long as possible When driving at the posted speed limit, you can also help to keep the tires lasting as long as they should. Driving faster and taking corners more sharply can increase the wear and tear with the tires. They might begin to wear unevenly with time. The tread could also become worn down in some spots. If you notice any issues with the tires, make sure to schedule an appointment to bring the vehicle in. We can inspect the tires for any issues or damage that they might have. This can help to keep your vehicle safe and reliable for when you will need to drive it. We can check the tires to see when an alignment or rotation might be needed. If one side of the tires is wearing faster than another, a rotation can help prolong the life of them. Having properly aligned tires can help increase the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Safety can increase with proper driving By driving at the recommended speed, you can also help to increase your safety. It can also help you to allow the proper amount of stopping distance if you need to apply the brakes. The faster the vehicle is driven, the more distance and time is needed in order for the vehicle to stop efficiently and safely. This is especially true if you need to slam on the brakes quickly because something darts out into the road. Driving at the correct speed can also help to save on wear and tear for the vehicle.
April 7, 2014

Spring Maintenance is Important for the Vehicle

To help keep the vehicle in the best condition possible, regular maintenances are an important part of it. This can help to have the vehicle run efficiently when you drive. Regular maintenances can increase the longevity of the vehicle as well. Parts and components can be inspected to see how they are working with one another. If a part has become worn, it can do damage to other parts as well. This can cause extra stress and friction between these parts. The vehicle will have to use more power and fuel to have it operate correctly as you drive. If you notice any noises or odd sounds the vehicle makes, an appointment should be made as soon as possible. This can help to prevent a costly repair bill as well as increase the safety. Fixing an issue at the first sign of it can help to prevent a larger problem from occurring. The tires should be inspected The tires are an important part of the vehicle. They are the only part that connects the vehicle to the surface of the road. The tires should be inspected to make sure the correct amount of air pressure is in them. If the tires are under inflated it can cause poor fuel mileage. Tires that are over inflated will have less contact with the road. This could lead to poor handling when you drive. You may also notice that the vehicle will become less stable. Also check the tread on the tires. The tread is important because it is what helps to grip the road. If the tread has worn down you might notice bald spots on it. This can make for difficult driving if the road is wet. Make sure to also check the overall condition of the tires. They should be free from any cracks or puncture marks. Top off the Fluids The fluids of the vehicle will also need to be checked. Each one has a reservoir for it. On the reservoir, there is a line to indicate the level that each fluid should be at. It is important to make sure this is the correct level so your vehicle will not become damaged. Also check the oil. Make sure that there is enough in there. This can be indicated by the dipstick. If the oil looks old and dirty, make sure to have it changed. This can help to lubricate the engine efficiently. You will also notice that overall, the vehicle will run better with new oil in it. Inspect the Brakes of the vehicle The brakes on the vehicle should be inspected for the condition they are in. If they have started to wear, it may indicate a new brake job might be needed. When driving, make sure to notice any unusual signs. If the brakes become spongy, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. You may also notice if the brake pedal vibrates when you apply it. This could mean that the brake pads and brake rotors are starting to go out. To help ensure you have a reliable and efficient vehicle, bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.